Niṣeka and Ādhāna

Niṣeka and Ādhāna are separate events in the creation of a baby. Niṣeka (निषेक) literally means sprinkling, infusion, dripping and refers to the seminal infusion which leads to impregnation and the vedic ceremony connected with it. Ādhāna (आधान) is better understood from the word garbhādhāna where garbha means womb. It means depositing, placing or impregnating and refers to the place in which anything is deposited or rests, which in the context of birth is the womb. Impregnation or fertilization of the ovum happens after coitus (niṣeka) and can be as far apart as seven days. Many astrologers have come up with various innovative schemes and calculations for knowing this. Yet the method of the great master Parāśara remains the best and most accurate. If you ponder at the philosophy behind those calculations, there would be a lot to learn.

  • Lesson-01: Māndi - Māndi Determination
  • Lesson-02: Niṣeka Calculation - There are three parts to the calculation of Niṣeka Lagna that leads to the creation of the being, just as there are three parts to ‘auṁ’. These are Brahma ‘A’, Viṣṇu ‘U’ and Rudra ‘M’.
  • Lesson-03: Niṣeka Lagna - From the previous lesson, please note that by now we have two niṣeka dates/times and we can draw charts for these dates. Pregnancy Period Test Both the niṣeka periods are (a) 298 days 8h01m46s and (b) 278 days 1h02m35s. The full term of the niṣeka period is 273 days and all the niṣeka times obtained show full term pregnancy. This has been confirmed by the mother of the native. Niṣeka Date Test Copulation can lead to pregnancy if the Moon at niṣeka was in an Anupachaya bhāva in the mother’s chart. Upachaya bhāva are the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th bhāva. The Moon must be in the signs which are the Lagna, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th or 12th bhāva. This rule is based on the fact that the 3rd and 6th houses of the natural zodiac are ruled by Mercury and the 10th and 11th are ruled by Saturn. Both these planets are napuṁsaka graha (eunuch) and indicate infertility or futile attempt at baby creation. These are the upachaya houses 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th which cannot cause fertilization. For this test we need the horoscope of the mother. The chart of mother is given below. The two dates obtained for niṣeka are (1) 1962-10-13 13:13:14 or the more accurate 1962-10-14 8:00:00 and (2) 1962-11-2 20:12:25
  • Lesson04: Niṣeka Study - शुभाशुभं वदेत्‌ पित्रोर्जीवनं मरणं तथा।
  • Lesson-05: Ādhāna Chakra - तस्माच्छुभाशुभं वाच्यं गर्भस्थस्य विशेषतः॥ २९॥
  • Lesson-06: Ādhāna Chakra II - Ādhāna Strength
  • Lesson-07: Ādhāna Lagna - {tab=Exact Ādhana}
  • Lesson-08: Course of Pregnancy - Pregnancy Months

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