• Ārūḍha Definitions - What is Ārūḍha?
  • Bhāva Pada - कथ्याम्यथा भावानां खेटानां च पदं द्विज।
  • Bhāva Pada Chakra - Popularly called the Ārūḍha Chakra, this is a chart drawn with the Lagna and planets and showing the ārūḍha pada of the bhāva in the signs. The nomenclature for any bhāva ārūḍha is normally ‘A’ followed by the number of the bhāva except for Lagna and twelfth house which are designated as AL for Ārūḍha Lagna and UL for Upapada Lagna.
  • Graha Pada - The ārūḍha pada of a planet is called graha pada. It is exactly like the reflection of an object which, in this case, is the planet itself. Every planet has an image or a place where its reflection falls. This reflection is about the sign it owns like svakṣetra (own sign) or mūlatrikoṇa (office, work). Just as we calculated bhāva pada, we also calculate the graha pada.

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